7 things you should know before you visit New Zealand

7 things you should know before you visit New Zealand

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Before you come make sure you watch this video and learn about:
-Driving on the left hand side
-Driving and indicating around roundabouts
-One lane bridges
-Passing a tractor
-Where you can freedom camp
-Shopping and purchasing food

The awesome background music has been supplied from:
https://soundcloud.com/pukeko (just fishin in the dark)

French version https://youtu.be/yLimRqhF54o
Chinese version https://youtu.be/zcTzolHeCI0
German version https://youtu.be/pMCywNhQ4-U
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  1. I will have a half year exchange in NZ next year, im on the north island, the mangawhai region.. is there anything I should definitely visit?

  2. if it wasn't for all the filth coming to australia from nz on this ridiculous free visa system like homeless refugees hording to australia for work, maybe we would have enough prisons for our own. screw nz and this stupid australian government. anzac is total crap!

  3. Cresinte Aballe

    nice place I like in new zealamnd

  4. Cresinte Aballe

    hello! new zealand nice country

  5. An 8th thing you need to know is not to wear a wool jumper or you risk being mistaken for a sheep and shagged accordingly.

  6. The one way bridge sounds like a disaster waiting to happen

  7. Thinking about going to NZ for a Study Abroad program anything I should know before making that choice

  8. I really want to move to NZ

  9. Soul Taker 2507

    I live in Palmerston North and the drivers hear are pretty dumm.

  10. I live in NZ. Soooo many places I've been to, like Kaikoura.

  11. ridiculously informative and helpful… no doubt NZ ppl are nicer than the people here

  12. so shops store igs, brid, beer and whine?
    haha love the accent.

  13. i live in New Zealand and was born there, it's got beautiful country side scenes (but in auckland where i live there is a big town so it's not all country side over here)

  14. just a heads up guys 3:44 that tai tapu motors burnt down a few months ago so dont go looking for it (:

  15. looks a lot like wales.

  16. MrDarragh123456789

    animals on the road, confusing road system, shit roads? HOLY FUCK IT IS LIKE IRELAND

  17. How difficult would it be for an electrical engineer and an electrician to move to NZ?

  18. fund a student going abroad here:


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