35 THINGS TO DO IN PRAGUE | Europe Travel Guide

35 THINGS TO DO IN PRAGUE | Europe Travel Guide

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35 THINGS TO DO IN PRAGUE | Europe Travel Guide

With one week in Prague, we hit the ground running trying to see and experience as much as we could in the Golden City. We had high expectations and Prague’s beauty and charm managed to exceed all of them. It’s a city we thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to share with you.
Now here’s a look at the top things you can do in Prague:

The following are the best 35 things to do in Prague, Czech Republic presented in our latest city top attractions travel guide for Praha:

1) Visit Prague Castle
2) Wander around Novy Svet neighborhood
3) Franz Kafka Museum
4) John Lennon Wall
5) Zizkov Prague Tower
6) Traditional Czech Food: Goulash
7) Check out a Saturday market for shopping and food
8) Visit the Old Town in the heart of Prague
9) Admire the phenomenal Saint Vitus Cathedral
10) Get off the grid and visit the Jewish Quarter
11) Pay a visit to the KGB Museum
12) Walk along Golden Lane
13) Cross Charles Bridge
14) Find out more about the Museum of Communism
15) Be there on the hour for the Astronomical Clock
16) Eat delicious Czech Street Food: Trdelnik
17) Feed the swans by the river
18) Take the funicular or walk up to Petrin Tower
19) Marvel at Petrin Tower
20) Get dizzy in the Mirror Labyrinth
21) Spend time admiring the Vysehrad Old Castle
22) Be sure to take a Vltava River Cruise
23) Drink cheap Pilsner Beer
24) Escape it all by visiting Jeleni Park
25) Enjoy live music from the Orchestra
26) Marvel at the strange architecture of the Dancing House
27) Down a little bit of Absinthe
28) Have your mind blown trying out the Mind Maze
29) Admire all things small at the Miniature Museum
30) Take a Segway Tour around Prague
31) Visit the Mucha Museum
32) Take a Tram ride all over Prague
33) Ride around Prague in style in a Luxury Car
34) Go visit the National Museum
35) Check out Strahov Monastery

Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world and it is home to several palaces, as well as a cathedral, a basilica, and gardens.
We’re here now in Novy Svet. It is a cool little neighborhood right behind the castle. Here we are at the Kafka Museum. This museum is dedicated to him and his work and you’ll find some of his letters, diary entries and photographs inside. Stroll along the John Lennon Wall and you’ll encounter portraits of Lennon and Yoko Ono. Right now we are visiting Prague’s TV Tower and the strangest thing about this structure is that there are babies crawling up and down. Have a look. Up next we have a big plate of Goulash. Saint Vitus is a Gothic cathedral located within the walls of Prague Castle. Inside you’ll be able to admire beautiful stained glass windows designed in the art nouveau style. Inside the KGB Museum you’ll find old propaganda as well as some unusual pieces like a copy of Lenin’s death mask. The Golden Lane gets its name because legend has it that Emperor Rudolph was a fan of alchemy. Charles Bridge is one of the most popular landmarks in the city. If you walk across during the day, you’ll find musicians, artists, and vendors selling souvenirs. When in Prague you can check out the Astronomical Clock. It goes off every hour and it is right in the heart of the Old Town. You can’t come to Prague and not sample the street food. One particularly popular item is the Trdlenik. Petrin Tower stands 63 meters high on a hill overlooking Prague. It slightly resembles the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Vyšehrad is a historical fort located in the city of Prague. In my hand here I’ve got myself a Pilsner beer and this is like a Czech institution. The Jeleni Prikop Park located right behind Prague Castle is a great place for a picnic or a little nap on the grass. Also one cool little fact. Even though the National Museum is currently closed you can still attend musical performances in the evening. The Dancing House is a building which stands out from the rest, done in the deconstructionist style. Here I’ve got Absinthe in my hand. It is an Anise flavored spirit and it is extremely popular here in Prague. Another cool thing you can do is visit the Miniature Museum where you can see microscopic art. The Mucha Museum pays homage to Alphonse Mucha, and it’s a must visit if you enjoy art nouveau. And that sums up our visit to Prague! Our one week in the city left us charmed and it’s a place that we’d be happy to revisit again.

What are some of your favorite things to do in the city? Please let us know in the comment section below:


This is part of our Travel in the Czech Republic series. We’re making a series of videos showcasing Czech culture, Czech arts, Czech foods, Czech religion and Czech people.

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    Thank you so much for the list, there are few things we've missed on our two trips so on the third one, we'll get them all <3

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    And it's amazing that with a list of 35 things to do, you missed about 20 of some of the best attractions to see. Siiiigh! Tourists…

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  16. – You should try some sports events too. Like soccer game Sparta – Slavia in Generali Arena Praha.

    – Absinth is popular with foreigners not for Czechs. Shops with absinth are only near monuments.

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