25 Cheapest Places To Travel That Won’t Break Your Budget

25 Cheapest Places To Travel That Won’t Break Your Budget

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It’s summer! Time to go to the beach, on a cruise, or better yet, an exotic getaway. However, if you’re like most people, the thought of traveling is always accompanied by the reality of expenses…lots of expenses. But not to worry, we have you covered. Based on the annual Backpacker Index published by priceoftravel.com we bring you 25 Cheapest places to travel (that won’t break your budget). These cities are rated according to the price of one night at a hostel, 3 meals, 2 rides on public transportation, 1 sight seeing attraction, and 3 drinks. So whether you’re looking to visit the jungles of Southeast Asia or you want to shave a few buck off of your next Eurotrip, these 25 cheapest places to travel that won’t break your budget are for you! Are you packed yet? Well what are you waiting for, LETS GO!

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Don’t let money keep you from traveling this summer and check out these really cheap cities:

Belgrade, Serbia
Manila, Philippines
Krakow, Poland
Yangon, Burma/Myanmar
Mumbai, India
Jakarta, Indonesia
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Sofia, Bulgaria
Cairo, Egypt
Bucharest, Romania
Bangkok, Thailand
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Luang Prabang, Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Hoi An, Vietnam
Quito, Ecuador
La Paz, Bolivia
Delhi, India
Vientiane, Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Kathmandu, Nepal
Kiev, Ukraine
Goa, India
Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam
Hanoi, Vietnam
Pokhara, Nepal

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NOTE: For each city the priceoftravel.com’s Backpacker Index includes the following: A dorm bed at a good and cheap hostel, 3 budget meals, 2 public transportation rides, 1 paid cultural attraction, and 3 cheap beers (as an “entertainment fund”).


  1. Byala Vista Apartments BULGARIA

    I am sorry, but in my opinion, Sofia is a nice place to be for your business trip. Not for a vacation.
    Bulgaria has many better places to be, doesn't matter is it for the Summer or any time else.

  2. It is not Myanmar it is Burma and my friend just came back from Mumbai

  3. Where is Mogadishu, Somalia?

  4. Sarowar Hossain Mishu

    where is BANGLADESH??! :O
    BANGLADESH belongs world's largest Sea Beach (Cox's Bazaar) and Mangrove Forrest (Shundarbans)

  5. I'll never go to Eastern Europe. I've seen Hostel -_-

  6. The cheaper it gets, the better the place. Awesome.

  7. i really like your channel but seriously those pics you used for delhi , mumbai and colombo ? even if am lazy and used the first google result for these cities pics will be 100 times better. it seems like you deliberately use those pics .

  8. He can't pronounce some of these places, LOL…

  9. Piano Around the World

    Most of these are in Asia. How interesting! Have you ever tried going to one of these?

  10. Asia all over it

  11. Why not a staycation, doesn't get any cheaper

  12. There are some interesting places to visit in Manila, just beware of criminals like pickpockets, muggers and prostitutes who will empty your pockets.

  13. Kathmandus gone now.. I've always wanted to go to the beautiful city. But now it's gone :(

  14. Bruh fuck that, Manila is GARBAGE 

  15. darthsquid2000ish

    Be careful in alot of these places because you have a high chance of getting kill by weapons used in past wars.

  16. So basically a top25 of poorly developed countries that are cheap because they, well, cheap..

  17. Keep watch in Egypt though say you're from Canada if you're American, I made that mistake. Almost got mugged.

  18. Since When did list 25 have 1.1 million subs?

  19. Really, Kiev???

  20. Mumbai, Delhi and Goa. For all the three of these, you picked the worst of pictures, from slum areas whereas for the rest, it was the best from the place. Such prejudice is inescapable and won't be taken for a coincidence. Plus the video was rushed, lacks detail and is a straight up rip off with zero extra effort.involved..Good luck having an ongoing successful channel.

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