25 Beautiful Places In The United States You Need To Visit Today

25 Beautiful Places In The United States You Need To Visit Today

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25 Beautiful Places In The United States You Need To Visit Today

There are a lot of Americans who are fascinated with traveling to Europe. Can you blame them, Europe is beautiful with a rich history and stunning old architecture. HOWEVER (and that’s a big however), the United States is home to extraordinary beauty as well. What it lacks in the historical/cultural department (compared to Europe) it more than makes up with its diverse and stunning natural beauty. From the beaches of Florida and the deserts of Arizona to the rugged peaks of California and the rain forests of Hawaii, there is hardly anything you cannot find in the United States. So if you are itching for travel, consider a trip around America. In fact, we humbly suggest you check out these 25 Beautiful Places In The United States You Need To Visit Today.

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Traveling to the U.S.? Be sure not to miss these locations:

Skagit Valley, Washington
Na Pali Coast, Hawaii
Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada
Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming
Northern Lights, Alaska
Yosemite Valley, California
Horseshoe Bend, Arizona
Badlands National Park, South Dakota
Haiku Stairs, Hawaii
Glacier National Park, Montana
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Thor’s Hammer, Utah
Devil’s Tower, Wyoming
Palouse Falls, Washington
Sequoia National Park, California
Thor’s Well, Oregon
Niagara Falls, New York
Smoky Mountains, North Carolina
Hamilton Pool, Texas
Zion National Park, Utah
Maroon Bells, Colorado
Antelope Canyon, Arizona
Waipio Valley, Hawaii
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

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  1. No sleeping bear dunes

  2. I..love Amireka

  3. Good Free Photos

    Rocky Mountains National Park and Great Smoky Mountains National Park definately need to be added to the list.

  4. Not "Skaggit", Skagit

  5. I never will forget when I saw the Grand Canyon. It is magical. It is like a painting,, so beautiful it does not look real.

  6. you forgot the sunrise over an iowa cornfeild with light glinting off the frost. yes I see it all the time

  7. Compared to other places the US is really boring and dull

  8. I went from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma / Philadelphia, Atlanta, L.A. / Northern California…Best I could do.

  9. A really nice list, but not a single national forest in Florida. Sigh!

  10. Not one place in Mississippi

  11. love it

  12. rooster squad 685

    canada has the best

  13. I just gonna travel through google maps instead :)

    easy and no waste of gas!

  14. Wow, this is a great list if rocks are your thing. A little more variety would be nice.

  15. Re. Waipio Valley, no need to be mysterious. The local language is . . . Hawaiian.

  16. Venomous Watermelon

    He says smoky mountains north carolina when ive always lived 40 minutes away from them in tennessee and didnt know some people think of it as a place in north carolina


  18. Garden of the Gods/ Pikes Peak would have been good additions to the list

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