20 Creepiest Places in the World

20 Creepiest Places in the World

- in American Travel

From abandoned towns to underground vaults of death, these are 20 of the most terrifying and creepy places in the world that you likely WON’T want to visit!
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  1. your accent is too hard to understand yikes

  2. Loki frost laufeyson

    Winchester mystery house is in California not north Carolina.

  3. Maybe the people who killed them selves in the suicide forest were sacrifice's

  4. NightSniperNick 1998

    this video is creepy it just is.

  5. I imagine chernobyl as a awesome place… As i played call of duty and they used that place as a setting in a mission

  6. TheUltimateBroccoli

    Um is it weird that last month I had a nightmare with #9 in it? And before now I had never seen it before…

  7. i have dream quite along ago ,where i'm in the building that like gankenjima ( in that dream i saw a huge building is like an abandoned school where i can sense a lot of dead present over there ,i see a shadow of graveyard in the middle of building and a mist surrounded around it,i walk to highest stories i see flash of a group of a student a child laughing each other and my heart is pumps fast i feel that they exist before but they already died all of because of something that i don't know ,it feels so real the dream ,when i wake up i can feel the building situation i can still fell a dead present is everywhere,

    i don't know if you believe it or not but i just wanna share my bad dream story that feel is like a reality

  8. number 10 ! theres now a game on it! Its called The Park.AND Number 5 too! I forgot the name though.

  9. Matthew Thompson

    the epic gamer
    so creepy

  10. Why have you stopped shouting "have a good one" I don't know why but it always made me smile

  11. The IS terrorists should get thrown naked in the catacombs of Paris and they will starve to death sorrounded by creepy bones and skulls

  12. that was an oftly slow have a good one

  13. Were I live I regularly see number 5 as strange little objects out at sea.

  14. Yes but you CAN'T go to The Body Farm.  They don't allow visitors.  Don't blow things out of proportion.  I looked into donating a body there.  You have to make arrangements between participating funeral homes…should your person's application be accepted in the first place.

  15. does anyone know the song by the misfits called die my darling? everytime he sing the part die die die my darling I keep thinking hes saying die die my dolan

  16. Nice Dolan, always an interesting watch

  17. hey guys welcome to the comment section no more creepy pictures,oh wait the damn thumbnails for other videos ugh great well yay not so happy now

  18. #9 Winchester House of Mystery is NOT IN North Carolina. It is in San Jose, California.

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