15 Most Dangerous Places on Earth

15 Most Dangerous Places on Earth

- in Asian Holiday Places

From deadly tsunami-prone locations to areas with an overabundance of crime, we count 15 places on Earth you are most likely to get killed in
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  1. lol I here some of the giggles

  2. I wish i could understand you accent more

  3. I can now say this channel i the dangerous most thing existing on the face of earth…

  4. Jesrette Dalisay

    i don't want to go in the dangerous places

  5. Jesrette Dalisay

    it is so danger place that i never seen

  6. Slangman Cybertron

    …north Korea?

  7. My parents lived in Honduras,but in Santa Cruz.

  8. 18th street

  9. Its so sad that these countries that are plagued by terrorism are so beautiful.

  10. I've been to Istanbul

  11. Can someone tell me if number 4 is where One of the Taken Films Where set there?because when the first pic came up i was like this has to be Kidnapping

  12. I stayed for a day in each of these places and lived

  13. Most of these 'dangerous' cities are really beautiful! Would love to visit them with my invisibility cloak on..

  14. um more house I live their

  15. I'm at malaysia

  16. dolan im confused i dont see your mom's pussy on the list?

  17. The most dangerous place should be Strip Club And School… does anyone agree

  18. not Cape Town

  19. Abdulrahman Saidi

    You idiot number1 should be school its creepy and it should be top10scarist places

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